Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me & Mine | May 17

I love the idea of a family photo a month. This helps to look back to see how much the children and us have changed. Although as they are older I'm pretty sure the difference won't be as big. That said with Kai on his medicine for his condition, his growth and features will I'm sure change over time.

The last few months have been somewhat busy for us all. Hopefully we are coming out of our busy time and moving on to adventures together and memories.

The last few months I have loved:
  • Having the freedom to drive. Back in February this year I passed my driving test, 1st time. The feeling was amazing. And having to no longer rely on the Mr is great.
  • Coming to the end of college course. After what feels like a long year, I am glad I can wave goodbye to college. But hello to university :-)
  • And as you are reading this I will be celebrating my birthday. I have not got anything big plan, just a quiet one. But this Friday my best friend has a surprise for me. A night away. I can't wait.
The last few months the Mr has enjoyed:
  • Not being the taxi for me *covers eyes*
  • Getting back in to his fitness.
  • Finally having a wife back after months of listening to me whine about college.
Kels has been loving:
  • Starting swimming in January and in April moving up to stage 2.
  • Growing confidence in the kitchen. Kels is a huge fan of Masterchef and wants to learn more in the kitchen. I am slowly allowing to help cook and may start meals, once a week or fortnight, from scratch with her help.
  • Being asked to be bridesmaid at her uncles wedding this August.
Kai has been loving:
  • Growing confidence in swimming. Not quite completed stage 1, but he'll now go all the way under the water. Massive difference compared to last year.
  • Improving on reading levels at school.
  • Growing a whole 5cm's in 2 months (thanks to his medicine). Before it be less than that in 1 whole year but with he new diagnosis and medicine we are slowly progressing. Although it will now be a fortune to keep purchasing shoes and clothes.

This little outtake is not the best but Kels face just makes me lol! The Mr was attempting to tickle Kai  and well Kels was caught in the middle.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I love a good outtake too. They are precious moments captured and to be remembered. Such lovely family snaps here hun. #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you Jenny :-) They are definitely moments to remember. I love the fact a picture tells a thousand words and sometimes the 'posy' types as much as they are nice doesn't tell a story as much as the outtakes x

  2. Your photo's are absolutely lovely! I hope you have a great month!

    Emmy - Misadventurous Mummy


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